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You’ll be helping a young person explore with us, as well. READ to TRAVEL– every book or tour that you purchase from us, you are contributing to the opportunity for a student in our community to travel internationally- a young person who otherwise could not.

My story of travelling through the world

I have the honor of owning Ash and Paige. I’ve been leading small group tours abroad for twenty years. The company started in my classroom, but I’ve been travelling since I learned to read. Books DO take us places.

Before owning a travel company, I owned a bookshop in the garden district of New Orleans. Hemingway & Co., it was called. I was in my early 20’s. By my mid 20’s I began trekking through Europe on my own. My first trip to Europe at age 17 set me in motion to be a world traveler. I was lucky to come from a family that could afford to buy me books and plane tickets when I was young.

Along the way, I became a teacher at age 23. From the early days of my teaching career, the reality that not all young people have the opportunity to travel internationally like I did began to drive my purpose in life- providing travel for ALL of us. I have married my passion for books and literature with my delight for sharing the world with those around me. As small as the world is, our own private worlds of hardship -and fears- seem too big to explore what is “out there.” Ash and Paige eliminates these unnecessary boundaries. Our model of read to travel takes All of Us places.


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